Granlund Manager

Digitalise your property maintenance processes

Forget pens, papers and spreadsheets. Granlund Manager is a mobile first software taking property maintenance to the next level. As a modular maintenance management system, Granlund Manager can be scaled and configured to suit all organisations, properties and portfolios.

Increased energy efficiency

Reduce costs & CO2 footprints - Measure, consolidate and report consumption data of various resources to increase energy efficiency and reduce your building’s carbon footprint.  Visualise & monitor with Granlund Manager software - Consolidate energy, indoor condition and technical operability data from different sources. Track building performance against predefined targets for optimal consumption and conditions. Create optimal indoor conditions energy efficiently - Measure and manage indoor conditions to ensure end-user wellbeing and make properties more sustainable in the long-run.

Smoother maintenance with Granlund Manager software

Optimise time & resources - Plan preventive maintenance tasks well in advance to optimise resources and save time with Granlund Manager software. Mobile friendly property maintenance - Assign, send and monitor the status of all maintenance tasks. The mobile application allows maintenance staff to easily respond and report on the go. Accessibility & oversight of data - Access property information and maintenance data at all times. Granlund Manager gives full visibility of building assets and the maintenance actions related to them.

Customisable & dynamic reporting

Executive reporting portal - Tailored and dynamic reports allow you to follow relevant KPI’s of maintenance, energy consumption and costs, all supporting smarter decision-making. Customised reports - In addition to basic dashboards, relevant information can be translated into reports according to customer or user needs. The visualised and dynamic reports are easily accessible and allow for versatile data analysis. Broad API integration - Easily integrate several different software with Granlund Manager, seamlessly transferring project and budget information between systems.

Track performance with the Granlund Manager Digital Twin

BIM to FM - Creating a Digital Twin helps manage all property related data. Our BIM can contain data used during the design phase and from IoT devices, as well as from automation systems and users themselves. Visualise conditions & performance - Based on selected data sources, BIM produces 3D visualisations of how indoor conditions have performed in relation to preset configurations and targets. Synchronised data sources - Combine multiple data sources with our BIM, creating a digital twin to serve as a communication channel between property owners, maintenance personnel and end users.

MEPCO is Granlund Manager official representative in Lithuania and Latvia