Life cycle assessment

A number of factors need to be considered in order to build sustainable buildings before claiming that one or another building solution provides a better environmental return. To understand the full impact of a building on the environment throughout its life cycle, all stages of its life cycle, from production to demolition, need to be considered.

For this purpose, a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of a building is performed to identify direct and indirect factors for the environment and society during all phases of a building's life (production of materials, construction, operation / maintenance of the building, destruction of the building). This study identifies the consumption of water, energy, raw materials and the impact on the environment due to their use: pollution of ambient air, water, soil, waste generated.

Timely life cycle analysis ensures that the building under construction will be sustainable and the selected building structures will have the least negative impact on the environment and climate change.

MEPCO specialists perform life cycle assessment of a building and provide consulting services to clients seeking BREEAM or LEED certification of buildings. One Click LCA software is used to do LCA calculations.

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